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433MHz Arduino PT2262 encoder Arduino Decoder RF Transmitter Receiver Link Kit

433MHz Arduino PT2262 encoder Arduino Decoder RF Transmitter Receiver Link Kit

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Kit No: RT382 433MHz 
 Receiver :



Demo :
Connect with arduino :

Model No.


Operating voltage

5.0VDC ±0.5V

 Working priceple

 Super Heterodyne receiver with decoder , learning type . decoding PT2262, PT2260, PT2240, EV1527 and other learning codeto chip or compatible chips, can learn and store 20 pcs different coded remote control. Intelligently distinguish shock resistance between fixed code and learning code , such as PT2262 and EV1527.

Static current

≤7 mA (DC 5V)

Operating frequency


modulation Mode


Receiving sensitivity

over -110 dBm (50 Ω)


< 5 K bps (at 315 MHz, -95 dBm)

Operating temp.

-10 °C ~ +60 °C
Max rate 1 KHZ
Antenns length
20 cm (315 MHz), 18 cm (433.92 MHz)



Output signal

TTL level , Momentary, Latch, Toggle ,user can set it  by welding, Latch is defult.

Band width

2MHz(315MHz, Sensitivity go down 3dBm test )


A.Momentary ----all disconnect (defult) ;

B. Toggle ---- connect T ;

C.Latch ---- connect L  ;

1: This is a simple wireless remote control module, no additional instructions.
2 : VT output high (5V TTL level) when signal received;
3: D1 D2 D3 D4 four data pins corresponding to four buttons on the remote control, for example: when the A button on the remote control is pressed, D1 high output, etc.
4: VT and D1-4 pins are 5V TTL pin 10MA maximum energy output current can drive the MCU port or LED lights .
Inter-locking (Latch): 4-way relay each other to switch, when relay A  is working and locked  ,  relay B C D corresponding to switch off; when B is working and locked , corresponding relay A C D swith off ; Only 1 relay is on among 4 relays A B C D;
Non-locking  type (Momentary): Press A and hold it , then A is on.Same as Relay B C D ;
Self-lock type (Toggle): 4 chanels opens and closes independently, 4 chanels can work together ,they don’t affect each other . press A button, A relay of work and locked, press again then  disconnected; Same as B C D .
User guide :
1: Learing ID : Press learning button , LED is on and beginning to learn ;after learning , LED will flash for a while .Then LED will keep being on to learn the next remote. If perss the learned remoter controller , auto-quit learning within 10 seconds;
2: Delete ID : Keep pressing learning button for 5 seconds , LED will be on and enter deleting . LED off means finishing deleting;
3: Antenna with a soft wire or other hard metals (such as whip antenna), try to straighten. Do not go near metal objects;
4: Power supply voltage requires stable and low ripple factor, multi-level filtering (such as adding beads, inductors, capacitors, etc.);
Transmitter remotes:

Model No. TB416 Encoder Transmitter
Function discription Encoder Transmitter modules
Operating voltage
Work current
Operating frequency 433MHz
modulation Mode ASK/OOK
SAW Frequency stability ±150kHz(max)
Transmitter power
Data rate ≤10Kbps
Antenns length 24 cm (315 MHz), 18 cm (433.92 MHz)
Dimension 49*31*8mm
Encodeing format SC2262 fixing code (same as PT2264 PT2262 ) ,Work with PT2272 decoder IC
Transmitter distance 1000Meter (open area)

Connect to MCU or Arduino :

Connect to Switch:
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Keyfob Deadbolt with Arduino uno R3 and RF transmitter and receiver



Intro :

The key to my apartment never worked quite right because it is a copy of a copy of a copy. I am fairly certain that the dead bolt is original to the building and the property manager seems to have lost the original key years ago. As a result unlocking the door was always a pain. Changing the lock wasn't an option, but eliminating the need to use a key was.

Arduino Uno R3
RF transmitter and receiver
2 Push Button Switches
Green LED
Various Resistors
piezoelectric speaker
Perf Board

Step 1 :

Mounting Parts

I used a couple of pieces of acrylic that I acquired in the dumpster of the plastic shop next to my place of work (they throw out alot of small pieces like this). Alternatively another material could be used if you don't have access to acrylic, but it is easy to work with and looks cool.

Using a piece of paper trace the mounting holes for your dead bolt and transfer them onto your acrylic sheet. Since most dead bolts are going to be slightly different I am not sharing the template I made out of a piece of paper (mainly because it isn't anything worth sharing).

Leave the paper covering on while working with the acrylic. The paper makes it easy to mark where to cut/drill as well as protects the material from scratches. Once all of your cuts are made and your holes are drilled you can start installing components such as LEDs and switches.

Step 2:


I used an old parallax servo I had in my parts bin. This small servo is more than strong enough to turn the deadbolt. In order to attach the servo to the lock shaft I used epoxy putty. Epoxy putty is very easy to use and is extremely versatile. The wire you see sticking out of the putty will be used as the arm for the limit switch.

At some point the wires to my servo had been cut so I had to open the case and solder on new ones. I took that opportunity to solder on a second wire to the 5v line and connected it to the limit switch arm.

Step 3:


Screws were countersunk from the back of the acrylic. A wire was attached to each screw and then to a digital pin on the Arduino. When the wiper with the 5v wire touches the screw it pulls the digital pin high on the Arduino. Please see the schematic for further details.

Step 4: Program

Disclaimer: I am not a programmer and therefore the below code may not be the most efficient. Feel free to improve the code for your own uses if you see any errors or problems. It works for me so I hope it works for you.

// turn CW to lock and CCW to unlock
//1700 CCW; 1500 Stop; 1300 CW
//written by Chris Rybitski

Servo deadbolt; // create servo
const int CWLimit = 6; // Limit Switch on 6 Unlock
const int CCWLimit = 7; // Limit Switch on 7 Lock
const int Redbtn = 12; //red push button
const int Blackbtn = 8; //black push button
const int GreenLED = 10; // Green LED
const int RedLED = 11; //Red LED 
const int Ch1 = 5; //rf channel 1
const int Ch2 = 4; //rf channel 2
const int Buzz = 9; //buzzer
int Unlock = 0;
int Lock = 0;
int timer = 0;
boolean UnLcomplete = false;
boolean Lcomplete = false;

void setup()


deadbolt.attach(3); // attaches the servo
pinMode(GreenLED, OUTPUT);
pinMode(RedLED, OUTPUT);
pinMode(CWLimit, INPUT); 
pinMode(CCWLimit, INPUT);
pinMode(Redbtn, INPUT);
pinMode(Blackbtn, INPUT);
pinMode(Ch1, INPUT);
pinMode(Ch2, INPUT);

//set LED's and Buzzer to be off by default
digitalWrite(GreenLED, HIGH);
digitalWrite(RedLED, HIGH);
digitalWrite(Buzz, HIGH);

void loop()
if (digitalRead(Ch1) == HIGH || digitalRead(Redbtn) == LOW){ //If remote or button is pressed
if(UnLcomplete == false){ //dont run unlock if door is already unlocked 
Unlock = 1;}}
if (digitalRead(Ch2) == HIGH || digitalRead(Blackbtn) == LOW){ //If remote or button is pressed
if(Lcomplete == false){ //dont run lock if door is already locked 
Lock = 1;}}

if (Unlock == 1){
timer = 0;
while (digitalRead(CWLimit) == LOW){
if (timer > 1500){
digitalWrite(Buzz, LOW);
digitalWrite(Buzz, HIGH); 
deadbolt.write(1500); //servo stop
digitalWrite(RedLED, LOW);
digitalWrite(GreenLED, HIGH);
UnLcomplete = true; //unlock complete
Lcomplete = false; //reset Lock boolean
digitalWrite(Buzz, LOW);
digitalWrite(Buzz, HIGH);
Unlock = 0; //reset


if (Lock == 1){
timer = 0;
while (digitalRead(CCWLimit) == LOW){
if (timer > 1500){
digitalWrite(Buzz, LOW);
digitalWrite(Buzz, HIGH);
digitalWrite(GreenLED, LOW);
digitalWrite(RedLED, HIGH);
Lcomplete = true; //lock complete
UnLcomplete = false; //reset Lock boolean
digitalWrite(Buzz, LOW);
digitalWrite(Buzz, HIGH);
digitalWrite(Buzz, LOW);
digitalWrite(Buzz, HIGH);
Lock = 0; //reset


Step 5:

Final Thoughts


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